Hudson Music Festival 2021

This year, for its ECHO edition, the Hudson Music Festival will host 4 shows in 4 days, from July 30 to August 2, 2021.

The music produced and presented by HMF is not restricted to one specific genre, and is explicitly selected to encourage innovation, surprising collaborations, and the performance of new work. This focus allows artists to take risks with their work and exposes festival-goers to music and artistic approaches they might not have the opportunity to experience anywhere else.

The Hudson Music Festival (HMF) was established in 2007 to highlight and support the vibrant cultural environment in the village of Hudson, 

The mission of the HMF is to provide performance opportunities for talented professional and amateur musicians from the region, and to bring exciting national and international artists to the Hudson community.

As a non-for-profit, the management and operations of HMF are overseen by a board of directors composed of people from the community who are committed to the development and promotion of music.

Lynda Clouette-Mackay, vice president and co-founder
Blair Mackay, president and co-founder
Laura Gobeil, treasurer
Scott Lawrence, secretary
Jennifer Baumeister, administrator
Mona Awad, administrator
Peter L. Freud, administrator
Blyth Mackay-Bond, honorary member

Our 2021 program

On Friday, July 30, 2021

8 P.M.

Portraits: the Music of Joni Mitchell (voice and piano) – Karen Young & Marianne Trudel

$30 tx. incl. | Place: Alibi Barn (420, Main rd.)
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“Both sides now: a stunning moment, delivered with great emotion, that we would have liked to have last forever.” — Normand Provencher, Le Soleil

Karen Young is a singer, lyricist, composer and arranger from Quebec, Canada who has explored several different musical styles, including world music, classical, jazz, Latin, traditional, and medieval music.

Marianne Trudel est pianiste, compositrice, improvisatrice, et arrangeuse. Artiste généreuse et attachante, véritable dynamo sur la scène musicale québécoise et canadienne, elle a démontré maintes fois ses talents et son sens aiguisé de la créativité. Sa musique est à la fois sophistiquée et accrocheuse, authentique et unique, et témoigne de son regard ouvert sur l’univers infini de la musique. Énergique et passionnée, Marianne Trudel poursuit une carrière des plus actives donnant autant des récitals en solo qu’en diverses formations : Trudel-Hollenbeck, Trudel-Young, Trifolia, Marianne Trudel 4 + Ingrid Jensen, et grands ensembles. Elle a présenté sa musique dans une quizaine de pays à travers le monde, toujours accueillie avec grand enthousiasme du public.

On Saturday, July 31, 2021

8 P.M.

Michel Pagliaro, Guitar Duo with Corey Diabo

$50 tx. incl. | Place: Stephen F. Shaar Community Centre (394 Main rd)
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Born in 1948, Montreal musician Michel Pagliaro has always been on a quest for exceptional musicians. Throughout his journey, he has shared musical adventures and friendships with many artists, musicans and technicians and he has participated in artistic projects in the role of musician, arranger, producer and engineer on both sides of the Atlantic.

He first stepped into a recording studio in 1965, discovering a passion for sound recording and production. Since then, as a creator, he has composed, written and recorded several timeless hits that are beloved by anglophones and francophones alike. He has been awarded presitigious prizes for many of these songs.

The road beckons…

His love for live performances keeps him on the stage where he shares his songs with pleasure, accompanied by musicans, matching his spirit, to deliver an Electric dose of rock to his audience—and on Acoustic nights, PAG revisits his musical adventure in a intimate and joyous atmosphere.

PAG continues to touch the lives of all generations of fans!

On Sunday, August 1, 2021

8 P.M.

An evening of James Taylor music

$40 tx. incl. | Place: Stephen F. Shaar Community Centre (394 Main rd)
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An avid fan himself, accomplished Montreal musician Denis Ducharme (vocals, keyboards) has assembled a group of musicians to bring the music of James Taylor to the Hudson Music Festival. Featuring John Landon (acoustic guitar), Roger Mann (electric guitar), JP Levesque (drums & percussion), and Peter Wilson (bass), this performance of James Taylor classics and other selected gems is sure to please. From Fire & Rain to Carolina In My Mind to You’ve Got A Friend, join us for an evening in celebration of this legendary singer-songwriter’s music.

On Monday, August 2, 2021

7 P.M.

Musica Ouest – concert classique

$20 tx. incl. | Place: Église St-Thomas-d’Aquin (413 Main rd)
Tickets at the door only

MUSICA OUEST quatuor under the musical direction of Peter Purich with music by Bach, Mozart, Purich… and more.

Featuring: Ludwig Semerjian, piano / Peter Purich, violin / Leo Purich, viola / Donald Pistolesi, cello

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Karen Young and Mirianne Trudel


Michel Pagliaro


Denis Ducharme, John Landon, Roger Mann, JP Levesque, Peter Wilson


Musica Ouest




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There is hardly a more beautiful place for a summer festival than Hudson. Perched on the edge of the Lake of Two Mountains, dominated by the architectural facades of buildings, new England style, church steeples from another era and covered by the starry sky, the festival welcomes the past eight years a range of artists from the four corners of the world. Jazz, blues, rock, pop, hiphop, folk and even classical. Ultimately an intimate festival!


You will have a lot of facilities for parking :

  • At the Saint Thomas Aquinas Church (420, Main Road)
  • BMO parking lot (corner of Main and Cameron)
  • Beside and back of the Le Château du Lac bar
  • Pharmacy BRUNET PLUS parking
  • IGA parking lot
  • City Hall parking lot
  • Hudson Village Theatre parking lot (on Warf road)
  • Corner of Main road and Yachtclub road
  • F.Shaar Community Center, road to the SANDY BEACH

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